Areas where you can help us

At present, we have the capacity to house up to 10 members with available installed infrastructure which can be extended to house 20 members in due course. This accommodation is currently on rent, and any extension will require additional funds to support this.

Currently all the facilities are our out-of-pocket expenses with the motive to help the needy elderly people.

We need all the financial & material help from the generous doners/organizations or anyone else who wish to support us in this noble endeavors so we can improve these neglected people lives.

Current Manpower Requirement (Monthly Basis)

Category Nos
Cook 1 Person
Cleaner 2 Person
Watchman 3 Person
Manager 1 Person
Rent 1 Floor (Need to increase it to two floor soon)

Current Equipment Requirement (One Time)

Description Numbers
Fridge 1
Washing Machine 1
Water Cooler (with RO) 1
TV 3
Room Cooler 4

Long Time Requirement

Requirement Description
Land : 1000 Sq Yard(For expansion) Within North Delhi
Building For construction
Furniture Beds, Chairs, Tables, Almirah etc
Bedding & Mattress 30 Each
Electrical Utilities (Fan, Room Coolers, TV, Fridge, RO, Water cooler etc)

For Details or any Enquiry please contact